Southern Sauces for you to dip, drizzle and dress up your supper.


We believe that food has the power to bring people together. To unite us. We believe the South is meant to be shared. It is rich in history and flavor. And so are our sauces. In the South, every sauce has a story. Read up on them here.

The word “y’all” is inclusive of all people and that’s why we love it so much! No matter what gender, race or orientation all are welcome at the table.


What folks are sayin’

Made pulled chicken with the Henry Bain sauce tonight — SO GOOD! We have to try to Comeback sauce now!
— Kaitlan A.
Went to Cobblestone Farmer’s Market this past weekend and tried the Y’all Sauces. They are all fabulous! I used the Jezebel Sauce on my chicken wrap. Yummy! I could drink the Jezebel sauce straight from the bottle. That’s how delicious it is! Can’t wait to try the sauce on pasta with chicken.
— Tracey B.
Purchased the Mississippi CBS yesterday. Half the bottle is gone.
— Robert J.

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