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The South is meant to be shared



Y'all Sauce Company believes in three things— really great food, bringing people together and keeping the history of our great southern sauces alive and well.

In the South, every sauce has a story. Make sure to read up on them here.

We hope you enjoy our hand-crafted sauces just as much as we love making them.

 Paige Harlow (left) and Josh McGee (right) Co Sauce Slingers

Paige Harlow (left) and Josh McGee (right) Co Sauce Slingers


It Started in Sunday School

Josh McGee and Paige Harlow met in sunday school at Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, KY. As good baptists the two shared a love of Jesus and bourbon. They also loved southern culture and building community.

It was in 2016, after a night of drinking bourbon and dreaming, that Y'all Sauce Company was born. Both Josh and Paige knew the best job is not really a job at all— it's about working hard, having fun and sharing what you love with others.