UofL News: UofL employees take their talents to the kitchen

An abundance of talent exists on this campus long after we turn off our office lights and go home. This is evident during the annual Open Walls Faculty/Staff Art Exhibit, or at international dog competitions or at music festivals

Some of our employees hone their talents in the kitchen. Paige Harlow, a graphic designer in UofL’s Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, launched the Y’all Sauce Company in April 2018, for example, with business partner Josh McGee, whom she met at Highland Baptist Church several years ago.

Yes! Weekly: Triadfoodies 2018 Holiday Gift Guide and giveaway of glorious deliciousness

Deck the house with delicious yummies…fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when this foodie is telling you all about the good cheer she’s run across the past year. Some are new local favorite things, plus a few alumni that are always in rotation. We just can’t not.  As I do my local thing throughout the year, I naturally come across new and fun local producers that make the season brighter. It is my duty to let you know who they are and how to get them for your stocking, your tree or table. And one lucky reader is going to win this beauty of annual glorious deliciousness.

Yes! Weekly: Y’all Is for everyone

Y’all: /yahl/ Contraction of you and all that some say is not a real word (but we all know that it is).

Y’all is also a sauce. Three to be exact (for now) and it’s made locally in Winston-Salem. Now, y’all foodies know that when I tell you about a new product, I really love it, use it, and find the story behind the product (and its maker) interesting enough to bring it to you. 

Go Triad: New downtown bistro and market goes for modern, urban feel in Winston-Salem

Canteen Market & Bistro opened Aug. 20 at 411 W. Fourth St., offering a modern mix of gourmet market, deli, bar and restaurant downtown.

Canteen is owned by Claire Calvin, the owner of The Porch Kitchen and Cantina and Alma Mexicana, and Eric Swaim, a partner in Hoots Roller Bar and Hoots Beer Co. Calvin and Swaim own businesses next door to each other in West End Millworks, but this is their first business together.

Winston-Salem Journal: Sauces pay homage to their Southern roots

A new line of sauces produced in Winston-Salem is paying homage to Southern sauce history.

Josh McGee, a 37-year-old former chef, started producing sauces under the Y’All Sauce Co. label this spring, and he has been selling them at area farmers markets.

McGee is a Tennessee native who was living in Louisville, Ky., until three years ago when his wife, Emily Hull McGee, took a job as senior pastor at First Baptist Church in downtown Winston-Salem.

McGee and his friend Paige Harlow of Louisville had been kicking around ideas for a business for a couple of years. “We were at a bar drinking bourbon one night when we came up with this,” he said. “We wanted something that brings people together — and what better way than food.”