Kentucky Henry Bain

The History:
The Kentucky Henry Bain sauce has it all….rollin deep in that distinctive, tangy flavor that your great, great Grandparents kept in their ol’ Kentucky home.

Back in the late 1800’s, a fella named Henry Bain created this concoction while working at the world renowned Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. Initially it was kept in-house for members only, but that didn’t make no kinda sense. The time came for those highfalutin’ gents at the Club to share this signature sauce with the world, and the rest is history.

The sun shines a little bit brighter when Henry Bain Sauce is runnin’ wild and free. But shoot, don’t take our word for it. If you’ve got the good sense God gave a goose, make sure to use this as often as you enjoy your bourbon. So, pretty much all the time.

The Taste:
Made with a tomato base, mango chutney, red pepper flakes, & of course, Kentucky Bourbon!

Recommended for: Steak, all game animals, and some snakebites. Also really great on hamburgers and chicken wangs


Tennessee Jezebel

One bite of this popular Southern sauce and you’re back in the basement at your church potluck enjoying Sister Betty’s ham glazed with that unforgettable sweet and spicy potion. Except she was probably too polite to call it by its real name:

Jezebel Sauce.

The Old Testament tells of the legend of Queen Jezebel, mean as a snake and matriarch to all.  Apparently Tennessee thought this captured the powerfully delicious elixir made with fruit preserves, horseradish, and those south of the Mason-Dixon line spices that will remind you of the Promise Land. While others might try to lay claim to this beloved seasoning,  Jezebel Sauce reigns sovereign in the rolling hills of Tennessee, where they never have any trouble getting Volunteers to savor this sauce!

The Taste:
Made with orange marmalade, whole grain mustard, sorghum & a kick of horseradish.

Recommended for: Those who need to add some heat and sweet to their grub. Amazing for ham, smoked salmon, drizzle on grilled asparagus, or chicken thighs.


Mississippi Comeback

Whether you’ve been runnin’ all over hell’s half acre or movin’ slower than a Sunday afternoon, this deep south sauce will call you back over the river time and again.

The story goes that Comeback Sauce was first served by the Dennery family after World War 2 when they opened up a Greek restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi. In fact, neighbors are still ordering it there still today and grinnin’ like a possum when it gets to the table. Ain’t no tellin’ what the true recipe is since there are more versions of this recipe than mudcats in the Mississippi, but it always seems to include mayonnaise, garlic, chili sauce, and paprika. People smother it on literally everything. It probably helps them forget how humid it is. It has even been known to convert many a self-proclaimed “ranch dressing person”.

Besides being endlessly versatile, this Queen Mother of condiments offers a classic combination of flavors that somehow makes everything from seafood to frog hair taste heavenly. But remember, like any good Mother she will summon you home. And by home, we mean anywhere Mississippi Comeback Sauce happens to live.

The Taste:
Made with creamy mayo, creole mustard & creole seasonings.

Recommended for: From tater tots to salad this makes a great finishing sauce. Check out our recipe for fish tacos!